Frequently Asked Questions

Is using your numbers for SMS verification illegal?

It's legal for legitimate services. It's illegal if used for fraudulent or illegal activities. Always check the terms of service.

Can I receive verification codes from third-party services (e.g., WhatsApp, Uber)?

Yes you can. However, some services may not work with our numbers due to restrictions. Contact the service for their requirements. We can't guarantee third-party verification initially, but you can request they "whitelist" our number if issues arise.

What if the number doesn't work for my service?

If the number doesn't work, and your inbox is still empty, you can use the "Replace" button in your phone number inbox for a free replacement.

How are numbers charged?

Our monthly number rentals come at a flat rate of $9. This averages out to just $0.30 per day, and there are no additional charges for received SMS messages.

How to get more information?

If you have any question or concerns it's simple - just Contact Us.